Unsteady couette flow in an annulus with combined mode of magnetic field application: A generalization

Unsteady couette flow in an annulus with combined mode of magnetic field application: A generalization

Michael O. Oni Taiwo S. Yusuf 

Department of Mathematics, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

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This study generalizes the role of transversely and radially applied magnetic field on flow formation in an annulus. The flow is assumed to be fully developed and driven by the movement of the cylinders. The governing momentum equation is derived and solved using the Laplace transform technique. The impact of moving inner, outer and both cylinders on flow formation is also considered. Result indicate that the application of both magnetic field leads to a further decrease in fluid velocity and an increase in skin-friction at the inner surface of outer cylinder. In addition, the movement of the cylinders is significant in the attainment of steady state skin-friction at the moving wall.


Transverse Magnetic Field, Radial Magnetic Field, Annulus, Unsteady, Couette Flow

1. Introduction
2. Mathematical Analysis
3. Results and Discussions
4. Conclusion

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