Publication Services

Proceedings publication

IIETA is confident in providing you with a great platform on which your conference proceedings get published, as we have been successful in many cases, such as, we published selected papers from the Constructal Law & Second Law Conference 2015 (CLC 2015) held in Parma (Italy). At present, more and more institutions in different countries like India, Algeria etc. choose IIETA to publish conference papers.

Joint publication

IIETA welcomes any request about jointly publishing and even creating academic journals with publishing houses, institutes, associations and universities. Two journal series, namely, Advances in Modelling and Analysis  and Modelling, Measurement and Control  are the publications jointly run by IIETA and a French publisher AMSE.

Book publication

IIETA has been entitled to International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Any cooperation chance in publishing books in academic fields we cover are welcomed.