Membership benefits

• Increasing recognition and reinforced credibility within your profession.

• A chance to share your perspective and make a difference; Get involved in the work that matters to your profession.

• Access to a larger community of related professionals and more opportunities to connect with colleagues around the world.

• A platform on which your/your organization’s innovative developments can be presented at our meetings.

• Access to the latest development in the fields of information and engineering technology.

• Registration discounts for IIETA conferences and seminars with proceedings and involvement in our education and award programs.

• Build your knowledge and keep it updated. Online access to a variety of journals, books and other IIETA newsletters.

• Free access to soft copies of papers published in the past issues of open-access journals owned by IIETA.

• Be candidate for IIETA reviewer and editor position.

Membership fee

No fee is charged at present for joining IIETA. We welcome any individual professional, researcher, student, professor, etc. who is interested in the activities held by IIETA and its publications.

How to become an individual member

Step 1: Register an account with IIETA.

Step 2: Download membership form, fill it in and send it to, together with latest CV.