Fixed Point Properties and Orbit Spaces

Fixed Point Properties and Orbit Spaces

Qiuhe Huang 

Lushan College of Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Guangxi 545616, China

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The aim of this note is to show that if \(\left\{ {{X}_{\alpha }},\pi _{\alpha }^{\beta },\Lambda  \right\}\) is an linearly ordered system of compact spaces such that each \({{X}_{\alpha }}\) has fixed point property for continuous multi-valued functions and each projection map is surjective, then the orbit space also has fixed point property for continuous multi-valued functions.


Linearly ordered system, Orbit space, Fixed point.

1. Introduction
2. Preliminaries
3. Main Theorem
4. Proof of Main Theorem

The author wish to thank the science project of Higher Education of GuangXi in China for contract KY2015LX778, under which the present work was possible.


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