Filter Feeding Allogenic Engineering Optimization Algorithm for Economic Dispatch

Filter Feeding Allogenic Engineering Optimization Algorithm for Economic Dispatch

Mbae Ariel Mutegi Nwulu Nnamdi

University of Johannesburg

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The main objective of the economic dispatch problem in a power system is to minimize the total thermal fuel cost of the committed generators while satisfying the various system equality and inequality operational constraints. This research developed a new optimization algorithm, named the filter feeding allogenic engineering algorithm, for use in solving the economic dispatch problem. This meta-heuristic algorithm has been inspired by the filter feeding and motile behaviour of allogenic engineers. The newly developed algorithm was formulated using the Matlab software environment, and its performance was tested using the IEEE 39-Bus, 10-Generator system. A comparative analysis was also conducted with the Ant lion optimization heuristic algorithm, and the obtained results indicate that the filter feeding allogenic engineering algorithm yields superior performance.


allogenic engineering, constraints, economic dispatch, heuristic and optimization


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