Speed Control of Doubly Star Induction Motor (DSIM) Using Direct Field Oriented Control (DFOC) Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC)

Speed Control of Doubly Star Induction Motor (DSIM) Using Direct Field Oriented Control (DFOC) Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC)

Lallouani Hellali* Saad Belhamdi

Electrical Engineering Laboratory, University of Mohamed Boudiaf- Msila, Algeria

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23 December 2017
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15 March 2018
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The aim for this paper is a proportional and integral (PI) controller and fuzzy logic (FLC) controller devoted to improve the performance of Direct field orient control (DFOC) strategy of doubly star induction motor (DSIM) fed by two inverters. In addition, the paper describes a model of doubly star induction motor in d-q reference frame theory and its computer simulation in MATLAB/SIMULINK®, fed by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) inverter to be studied. The performance of the Direct Field orientated control with a PI and FLC is tested under different speed command and load disturbances. And also show a better robustness beside the parametric variations of the motor.


doubly star induction motor, PMW, fuzzy logic, direct field orient control, robustness

1. Introduction
2. Machine Modeling
3. Field Oriented Control
4. Results and Discussion
5. Conclusion

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