Study on TFP of Grain in Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone on DEA

Study on TFP of Grain in Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone on DEA

Zaohong ZhouSu Chen Feng Xu Hailing Jiang Ya Xiao 

School of Tourism and Urban Management, Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics

Institute of Poyang Lake Eco-economics, Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics

Nanchang Business College, Jiangxi Agricultural University, Nanchang, 330045, P.R.China

Corresponding Author Email:
31 December 2014
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Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone, a traditional rural area in Jiangxi province, whose grain production holds an important status in the pattern of food production in Jiangxi province. This paper empirically analyzes Total Factor Productivity (TFP) changes of grain in 25 counties (cities) in Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone by adopting DEA-Malmquist index model. The result shows that TFP of grain in Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone increased from 2000 to 2010 on the whole. In addition, the principal element of the increase is technological progress. Further analyzing its decomposition, it is known that the increase of TFP mainly comes from technological progress. Separately, TFP of four counties (cities) including Yongxiu county, Ruichang city, Yujiang county and Guixi city decreased while the other 21 counties’ all increased. Thus, corresponding policy suggestions is put forward on this basis.


grain, total factor productivity, DEA-malmquist index model, poyang lake ecological economic zone.

1. Introduction
2. Mode Setting and Explanation of Data Sources
3. Empirical Results and Analysis
4. Short Conclusion and Suggestions

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