Optimal DG Sizing and Siting in Radial System Using Hybridization of GSA and Firefly Algorithms

Optimal DG Sizing and Siting in Radial System Using Hybridization of GSA and Firefly Algorithms

Rajesh K. Samala Mercy R. Kotapuri  

Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, VFSTR (Deemed to be University), Guntur 522213, India

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15 May 2018
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20 June 2018
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In order to improve the Voltage Stability Index (VSI), real and reactive power loss compensation, there is a solution in terms of Distributed Generation (DG). By incorporating DGs at proper location with suitable size, the power losses will reduce and there is an improvement of voltage profile. For this a new approach was introduced which is a hybridization of Firefly Algorithm (FA) with Gravitational Search Algorithms (GSA). After finding the real power losses using conventional method like Backward/Forward (BW/FW) sweep approach, the new approach was implemented to prove that it was the better algorithm than the other approaches. All these approaches have been implemented on standard IEEE-33 radial test system. MATLAB software was used to simulate the results and to find optimal DG sizing and siting on IEEE-33 test system.


backward/forward sweep analysis, gravitational search algorithm approach, firefly algorithm, power losses

1. Introduction
2. Power Flow Analysis Formulation for Radial Distribution System
3. BW/FW Sweep Approach for Power Flow Analysis
4. GSA Approach
5. Firefly Approach
6. New Approach Using Firefly With GSA
7. Test System
8. Results and Discussion
9. Observations
10. Conclusions

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