Different techniques for hiding the text information using text steganography techniques: A survey

Different techniques for hiding the text information using text steganography techniques: A survey

V. Lakshman Narayana A. Peda gopi  N. Ashok Kumar 

Vignan’s Nirula Institute of Technology and Science for Women, Peda Palakaluru, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur.

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Steganography is helping individuals to send private information between two gatherings. It empowers client to conceal information in various advanced mediums. Steganography is of numerous kinds, for example, picture steganography, content steganography, sound/video steganography and so on. Content Steganography is very troublesome than different strategies as a result of less measure of repetition and changes can be distinguished effectively. A portion of the systems of content steganography has been talked alongside attributes and working on it. Sending scrambled messages habitually will draw the consideration of outsiders, i.e. wafers and programmers, maybe making endeavors who break and uncover the first messages. A New approach is proposed in data concealing utilizing between word break up and between passages separating as a cross breed technique. Our strategy offers dynamic created stego-content with six alternatives of most extreme limit as indicated by secrecy message length. This paper additionally broke down the noteworthy disadvantages of each current strategy and how the proposed method resolves such issues.


steganography, hiding text, text steganography, hiding techniques, randomized techniques

1. Introduction
2. Literature survey
3. Diverse techniques of text - steganography
4. Conclusion

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