OLAP de documents

OLAP de documents

Omar Khrouf Kaïs Khrouf Jamel Feki

Laboratoire MIR@CL, Université de Sfax, Route de l’Aérodrome Km 4, B.P. 1088, 3018 Sfax, Tunisie

Faculty of Computing and IT, University of Jeddah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Corresponding Author Email: 
Omar.Khrouf@yahoo.fr, Khrouf.Kais@isecs.rnu.tn, Jamel.Feki@gmail.com
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Documents constitute a capitalization of knowledge within organizations’ Information Systems. Therefore, the management of the contents of these documents represents, during several years, a crucial need allowing organizations to improve their decision-making processes, in order to enhance the success of their activities and thus their sustainability. For decision-makers, analyzing the contents of documents represents a real challenge. In this context, we propose a new and generic multidimensional model called CobWeb; it is based on the galaxy model and dedicated to the OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) of XML documents (eXtensible Markup Language). The proposed model relies on a combination of different standard facets extracted from XML documents in order to provide more opportunities for the expression of analytical queries and an appropriate vision of data for decision-makers.


OLAP, XML document, standard facet, multidimensional model, OROLAP

1. Introduction
2. État de l’art
3. Notion de facette de documents
4. Modélisation conceptuelle : modèle multidimensionnel en toile d’araignée
5. Modélisation logique
6. Expérimentations
7. Conclusion

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