Security Assessment Case Studies of Public Buildings in India

Security Assessment Case Studies of Public Buildings in India

Manjari Khanna Kapoor 

School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, India

1 February 2018
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Security engineering is a valuable tool in the design of our built environments and almost a compulsory inclusion in some parts of the world. At the same time there is a wide range of approaches and techniques with their own efficacies and vulnerabilities. A lot of the so-called security around us is mere theatrics and many of the urban environment design decisions stem from perceptions and heuristics. A careful scientific analysis and systematic assessment of ‘secured environments’ helps identify the true merit of many such tools. The aim is to reduce the subjectivity in security and objectify it. Some such experiments with audit of security led us to some startling revelations indicating a direct relationship between security and common sense. We have evidence to deal with the myths and reaffirm the direct relationship between good architectural design and sensible security. The effort is to snatch our built environment from the clutches of the security men and design-in a more wholesome version of security. The idea is to accept and include security as a necessary component, as essential as any other service and integrate it into our built environment seamlessly.


security, assessment, engineering, crime-prevention, counter-terrorism, designed-in, resilience, organised, mechanical, natural, costs.


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