Trm Reinforcement of Masonry Specimens for Seismic Areas

Trm Reinforcement of Masonry Specimens for Seismic Areas

S. Ivorra D. Bru A. Galvañ Stefano SilVestri Cristina Apera Dora Foti 

Civil Engineering Department, University of Alicante, Spain

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica, Ambientale e dei Materiali, Unversità di Bologna, Italy

DICAR, Politecnico di Bari, Italy

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This document analyses the resistant behaviour to diagonal compression and direct compression of brick masonry specimens, reinforced with textile reinforced mortars (TRM) and without them. The numerical models have been calibrated with experimental results in order to have a suitable technique to reinforce masonry historic constructions where extraordinary tension stresses could occur in seismic situations. For the numerical modelling, FEM models have been developed using non-linear layered bi-dimensional shell elements. Moreover, a comparative analysis has been developed between the numerical models and the experimental ones. There are two different types of reinforced specimens: two layers to reinforce both surfaces (i), and one layer for only one surface (ii). The point of this (ii) is to respect the Italian legislation indications for the protection of historic constructions.


reinforced masonry TRM walls FEM


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