A Virtual Repository for Linked-data-based Disaster Management Applications

A Virtual Repository for Linked-data-based Disaster Management Applications

F.P. Yang Y.Z. Ou C.W. Yu J. Su S.W. Bai J.M. Ho J.W.S. Liu

Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

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Typical state-of-the-art disaster management information systems (DMIS) cannot support responsive discovery and access of data and information needed to handle unforeseen emergencies. Adding semantics and relations to legacy data and transforming them to linked data (LD) can remove this limitation. The virtual repository presented in this article is a development environment for this purpose: It provides application developers with tools for incremental transformation of legacy data and information in the DMIS into LD as needed by the applications. The virtual repository also provides the applications with support for runtime access of LD created and maintained using its tools.


disaster management applications, format translation, linked data


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