Measurements of the Characteristics Of the Suspended Load and Micro-organisms in the Sava River Reservoir, Slovenia

Measurements of the Characteristics Of the Suspended Load and Micro-organisms in the Sava River Reservoir, Slovenia

B. Dolinar H. Vrecl Kojc

Department of geotechnical engineering, faculty of civil engineering, university of Maribor, Slovenia

30 September 2010
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This article presents the results of investigations regarding suspended load and micro-organisms in the reservoir of the Boštanj hydroelectric power plant on the Sava River in Slovenia. The purpose of the described study was to estimate the quantity of suspended load in the water, its chemical and mineralogical composition, and to investigate the micro-biological and organic parts in water in order to provide a baseline for further, more detailed studies relating to the impact of reservoir construction. The results of the quantitative analyses of the suspended load in the water showed the exponential correlation between the concentration of the suspended load and the water discharge.


reservoir, sedimentation, sediment transport, suspended load


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