Improving the Efficiency of Using Small- Distributed Generation Systems Through Mechanisms of Demand Management for Electricity and Gas

Improving the Efficiency of Using Small- Distributed Generation Systems Through Mechanisms of Demand Management for Electricity and Gas

Igor Baev Anatoliy Dzyuba Irina Solovyeva Nadezhda Kuzmina

South Ural State University, Russia

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The article is devoted to the development of a model and a set of methods for improving the efficiency of using small-distributed generation systems. The basis of the developed model is the integration of methods of price-dependent demand management for electricity and natural gas with a system of small-distributed power generation. The developed management model allows electricity consumers to reduce the cost of purchasing energy resources in comparison with the cost of electricity supplied from energy companies, based on the analysis of price indicators for the supply of electricity from regional energy markets and the terms of natural gas supply. The article presents the results of the pricing principles analysis for all components of the electricity and natural gas cost. The possibility of complex price-dependent demand management for the consumption of electric power is demonstrated through the management of electricity generation schedules by a small-generation system and schedules of gas consumption spent on electricity generation by a system of small-distributed generation. The complex of methods of price-dependent power consumption developed by the authors, taking into account the use of the system of small-distributed generation, can be adapted to the use by various types of electricity consumers that purchase electricity in the energy markets of various countries of the world. 


electric power industry, energy efficiency, energy market, fuel and energy complex, gas consumption, modeling, power consumption, price-dependent consumption, small-distributed power industry, small generation


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