The Thermo-Stressed State of Steam Turbine Rotors During Plant Start-Up

The Thermo-Stressed State of Steam Turbine Rotors During Plant Start-Up

V. Goloshumova Yu. Brodov 

Ural Federal University, Russia

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This article suggests the use of the value of the thermo-stressed state in the turbine steam input stage as one of the key parameters characterizing the start-up reliability of the turbine plant cycle. The authors present the principles of the development of the steam turbine rotor warming model for continuous monitoring of its thermo-stressed state, using a personal computer in real time. The research conducted on the thermo-stressed state of the rotor using a universal CAE programme allowed the hypothesizing of the maximum thermo-stressed states as can be calculated with sufficient precision by ‘characteristic’ temperature differences inside the rotor. It is proposed to evaluate the thermo-stressed states using regression dependence on the ‘characteristic’ differences of the real-time temperature field. Samples for the regression analysis are obtained from preliminary results of CAE programme calculations. An example is given for the whole range of the necessary computational research to produce modules of a control device for the steam turbine T-110/120-130. The modules are tested in the MATLAB Simulink environment.


automation, finite element method, model, modelling, personal computer, real time, steam turbine rotor, thermo-stressed state


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