Direct Torque Control of Doubly Star Induction Machine Fed by Voltage Source Inverter Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller

Direct Torque Control of Doubly Star Induction Machine Fed by Voltage Source Inverter Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller

Lallouani Hellali* Saad Belhamdi Benyettou Loutfi Reghioui Hassen

Laboratory of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University Mohamed Boudiaf of M’sila, 28000, Algeria

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16 July 2018
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15 November 2018
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This paper concerns the study of a direct torque control based on fuzzy logic type-2 for the speed regulation of a doubly star Induction Machine fed by voltage source inverter. This command has become one of the high performance control strategies for AC machine to supply a very rapid torque and flux control. The proposed technique consists to change the proportional and integral controllers by type-2 fuzzy logic controller. The performance of the scheme in different operating conditions is studied. Particular interest is given to the robustness of the fuzzy logic based control. Furthermore, the simulation results illustrate the efficiency and robustness of the type-2 fuzzy logic controller.


doubly star induction machine (DSIM), Inverter, type-2 fuzzy logic controller (T2FLC), direct torque control (DTC)

1. Introduction
2. Mathematical Model of DSIM
3. Voltage Source Inverter
4. Direct Torque Control
5. Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers
6. Results and Discussion
7. Conclusion

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