Corrosion Resistance of Til3Zrl3Nb Alloy with Polymer and Composite Sol-Gel Bioactive Glass/Polymer Coatings in Ringer's Solution

Corrosion Resistance of Til3Zrl3Nb Alloy with Polymer and Composite Sol-Gel Bioactive Glass/Polymer Coatings in Ringer's Solution

Alicja Łukaszczyk Tomasz Moskalewicz Dawid Jugowiec Anita Sak Łukasz Cieniek Halina Krawiec 

AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Foundry Engineering, Reymonta 23, Krakow, 30-059, Poland

AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, Mickiewicza Av. 30, Krakow, 30-059, Poland

1 October 2015
7 January 2016
11 May 2016
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The corrosion resistance of an uncoated near-β Til3Zrl3Nb titanium alloy as well as the alloy coated by a polymer (chitosan CHIT or polyetheretherketone PEEK), composite sol-gel bioactive glass/CHIT or porous sol-gel bioactive glass/PEEK coatings was investigated in Ringer's solution at 37°C. The microstructure of the alloy and the coatings was characterized by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The corrosion measurements were performed by electrochemical techniques like linear sweep voltamperometry and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). The corrosion tests showed that the porous sol-gel bioactive glass/PEEK and polymer CHIT coatings had a similar corrosion resistance to the substrate's one. The results indicated also that the deposition of PEEK and sol-gel bioactive glass/CHIT coatings significantly protect the Til3Zrl3Nb alloy from corrosion in a Ringer's solution

1. Introduction
2. Experimental Procedure
3. Results and Discussion
4. Conclusions
5. Acknowledgement

This work was supponted by the Polish National Science Centre (decision no. DEC$2013 / 09 / \mathrm{B} / \mathrm{ST} 8 / 00145)$

The authors appreciated the valuable contribution of DSc M. Kot (AGH) for scratch-tests, of Dr Katarzyna Cholcwa-Kowalska (AGH) for producing of sol-gel bioactive glass and JEOL (EUROPE) SA, branch in Poland, for SEM obscrvations.


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