The 7th AIGE/IIETA International Conference and 16th AIGE 2022 Conference - "Energy Conversion, Management, Recovery, Saving, Storage and Renewable Systems"


The 7th AIGE/IIETA International Conference and 16th AIGE 2022 Conference - "
Energy Conversion, Management, Recovery, Saving, Storage and Renewable Systems" 

Parma, Italy on June 8-9, 2022


The 7th AIGE/IIETA International Conference and 16th AIGE 2022 Conference on "Energy Conversion, Management, Recovery, Saving, Storage and Renewable Systems" is organized under the joint auspices of the AIGE and IIETA with the aim of providing technical information to their members and to the scientific and industrial community at large.

The joint Conferences shall foster a binding platform for researchers from universities, research institutions and industries as well as students to network, learn more and share their knowledge. They will pursue the goal of providing a forum for the exposure and the exchange of technical/scientific information.

The joint Conferences will give the opportunity to discuss the state of the art and to present experimental, analytical and numerical results in Energy Conversion Systems, in Energy Management, in Energy Recovery Systems, in Energy Saving Techniques, Energy Storage Systems and Renewable Systems, with a particular attention to the engineering, environmental and economic aspects.

Since the city of Parma has recently received the acknowledgement of "Italian Creative UNESCO City of Gastronomy", a special section regarding the food processing engineering has been added to the conference with the aim of presenting the most promising energy solutions in the food processing field, spanning from novel thermal management techniques to environmental-friendly applications.

A plenary round table will be organized in continuation and updating of those of Matera and of the past years. The new “Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza” (National Recovery and Resilience Pan) will be also discussed.

The following list of topics is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to indicate topics that fall within the aim of the conference. 

1 - Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer:

Heat Exchangers – Conduction, Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer -  Boiling Heat Transfer - Heat Transfer in Fission and Fusion Nuclear Facilities - Exergy Analysis - Entropy Generation Minimization - Heat and Mass Transfer Processes - Thermodynamic Modelling and Optimization - Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics. 

2 - Energy Conversion and Management:

Analysis and optimization of energy processes - Cogeneration and combined heat, power and refrigeration - Combustion improvements and combustion of new fuels - Industrial and domestic use of energy - Energy conversion and storage – Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Improvement of Indoor Air Quality - Energy Saving in Transportations - Power Plants and Equipment - Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning - Low Enthalpy Energy Sources - Energy Harvesting. 

3 - Energy and Environmental Policy:

Energy Analysis - Energy Planning and Management - Energy supply security - Climate Change Politics - Energy Scenarios - Energy Forecasting modeling - Integrated Energy Systems - Optimal Use of Energy Resources. 

4 - Power Systems and Networks:

Electricity Supply and Demand: Transmission, Distribution, Network Operation, Data Monitoring and Control Systems - District Energy networks - Natural Gas Supply - Power Plants: Automation Control and Metering - Smart Grids - Nuclear Power plants - Hydrogen Production Technology - Fuel Cells. 

5 - Renewable Energy Sources:

Wind Energy - Solar Energy: Thermal and Photovoltaic systems - Hydroelectric power - Biomass and Bioenergy - Geothermal Energy Systems - Tide and Waves Energy. 

6 – Energy in Food processing:

Novel thermal management techniques in food industry - Environmental-friendly applications in food industry - Energy efficiency in food industry - Analysis and optimization of energy processes in food industry - Cold Chain Energy Efficiency in the food industry.


Aule K8 – K9 – K10 – Università di Parma, Polo Didattico Kennedy, Vicolo Santa Maria, 11 - Parma.


Abstracts submission deadline March 11, 2022

Abstracts acceptance March 28, 2022 

Full papers submission deadline April 29, 2022

Early registration deadline May 9, 2022


Abstracts must be prepared using the template available on the conference website (click here).

They must be sent to by March 11, 2022. 


Five Certificates of Merit will be assigned during the Conference, to be devoted to young graduates, PhD and post PhD students and young researchers who have carried out significant research work on the Conference issues and present their results with a paper, in oral or poster sessions. 


Sara Rainieri, Università di Parma, Italy (Organizer)

Giorgio Pagliarini, Università di Parma, Italy (Organizer)

Fabio Bozzoli, Università di Parma, Italy (Organizer)

Enrico Lorenzini, Università di Bologna, AIGE President, IIETA Directive Board Component

Andrew Zhang, International Information and Engineering Technology Association, IIETA, Canada 


Pamela Vocale, Università di Parma, Italy

Luca Cattani, Università di Parma, Italy

Luca Pagliarini, Università di Parma, Italy

Matteo Malavasi, Università di Parma, Italy

Agostino Gambarotta, Università di Parma, Italy

Monica Cocconi, Università di Parma, Italy

Antonio D’Aloia, Università di Parma, Italy 





Early Registration until May 31st

Participant                         € 340,00  

PhD student                      € 200,00 

Audience (1 day)               € 170,00  (including coffee breaks and meals)

Accompanying person       € 150,00  (including meals) 

Late registration from June 1st

Participant                         € 390,00  

PhD Student                      € 250,00

Audience (1 day)               € 220,00  (including coffee breaks and meals)

Accompanying person       € 200,00  (including meals) 

Important: All the fees are intended 22% VAT EXCLUDED. Participant and PhD student registration allows submitting one final paper. Paper submissions in addition are possible at an extra cost of € 80,00  per extra paper. 

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