Towards a formal modeling based refinement of self-organizing multi-agent systems

Towards a formal modeling based refinement of self-organizing multi-agent systems

Zeineb Graja
Frédéric Migeon
Christine Maurel
Marie-Pierre Gleizes
Ahmed Hadj Kacem

Unité de Recherche en Développement et Contrôle d’Applications Distribuées, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion - Université de Sfax, Tunisie

Unité de Recherche en Développement et Contrôle d’Applications Distribuées, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion - Université de Sfax, Tunisie

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30 April 2016
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The development of self-organizing MAS still lacks rigorous verification  methods to ensure the convergence and resilience of the designed system. Such insurances can be obtained through the application of formal methods. However, the integration  of these techniques is still modest due to the complexity of the dynamics of self-organizing MAS which makes the overall function emerging. In this article, we explore the potential of formal languages, in particular Event-B and the TLA logic to prove the convergence and the resilience of the system. We as- sume that these properties  can first, be observed at the global level by simulation. Then, Formal techniques allow us to prove them. Our work is illustrated by the foraging ant’s case study.


self-organizing MAS, foraging ants, formal verification, Event-B, TLA.

1. Introduction
2. Travaux antérieurs
3. Modélisation formelle d’un SMA auto-organisateur
4. Application aux fourmis fourrageuses
5. Conclusion et perspectives

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