Improved Electronic Image Stabilisation Based on Image Mosaic and Grey Projection

Improved Electronic Image Stabilisation Based on Image Mosaic and Grey Projection

Shaoqing Tian

Business Administration Postdoctoral Station, Harbin University of Commerce, Harbin 150000, China

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In the study of electronic image stabilisation algorithm, it is found that image processing has the problem of missing image information. According to the TRIZ problem analysis theory, a method is presented in this paper, which improves the results of electronic image stabilisation through the combination of image mosaic and grey projection. Based on the processing results of the grey projection algorithm, the reference frame and the current frame are image spliced to obtain a continuous sequence of missing images. The simulation experiment shows that the method is feasible and efficient.


Image Mosaic, Electronic Image Stabilisation, TRIZ, Grey Projection

1. Introduction
2. Related Literature Review
3. Principle of EIS and TRIZ
4. Method of Improvement for EIS and PIM
5. Math
6. Tables and Figures
7. Conclusions
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