Secured image encryption scheme based on DNA encoding and chaotic map

Secured image encryption scheme based on DNA encoding and chaotic map

Soumya Paul Pranjal Dasgupta  Prabir Kr. Naskar  Atal Chaudhuri 

Department of Computer Science & Engineering Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700010, India

Tata Consultancy Services Kolkata Infospace, WB 700010, India

Department of Computer Science & Engineering Govt. College of Engineering & Textile Technology, Serampore, Hooghly 712201, India

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Recent research has considered DNA as a medium for ultra-scale computation and ultra-compact information storage. In recent years, the chaos based cryptographic algorithms have suggested some new and efficient ways to develop secure image encryption techniques. In this communication, we propose a new approach for image encryption based on hybrid model of chaotic logistic maps, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) masking and DNA replacement algorithm in order to meet the requirements of the secure image transfer. The significant advantage of this approach is improving the quality of DNA masks to obtain the best mask that is compatible with plain images. The experimental results and entropy analysis both confirm that the proposed scheme not only demonstrates excellent encryption but also resists various typical attacks.


Image Encryption, Chaotic Map, DNA Encoding, Histogram Analysis, Entropy Analysis

1. Introduction
2. Preliminaries
3. Proposed Scheme
4. Mathematical Implementation
5. Experimental Result
6. Strength & Security Analysis
7. Conclusions

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