Implementation of Oracle Real Application Cluster

Implementation of Oracle Real Application Cluster

Hayat Z.Soomro T.R. 

Ankabut IT, Khalifa University of Science & Technology, UAE

Department of Computer Science, SZABIST Dubai Campus, UAE

Corresponding Author Email:
31 December 2016
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Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) is Oracle technology component that can be active on multiple servers to serve as Oracle database server unique. Each server has separate own database instance and these all act as instance of single database for the external network access on the unique virtual IP address. The architecture of the RAC is provides fault tolerance and a great power of treatment. Oracle RAC provides several features in any database operation of the enterprise level for example the scalability, availability, load balancing and failover.  The purpose of this study is to serve as a quick reference guide to the installation of management and operation of the Oracle Cluster-ware Real Application Cluster (RAC) database. This feature is initially targeted for the technical staff mainly for DBA Admins of the system.


RAC, Shared Storage, SAN, Cluster-ware, Oracle ASM, Oracle Kernel.

1. Introduction
2. Material and Methods
3. Result and Finding
4. Discussion

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