B2B Customer Value Evaluation System Based TOPSIS with the Integrated Weight by AHP and Entropy

B2B Customer Value Evaluation System Based TOPSIS with the Integrated Weight by AHP and Entropy

Xu Yafu Zhao Xiaokang 

Glorious Sun School of Business and management, Donghua University, Shanghai, 200051

Corresponding Author Email: 
31 March 2016
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Proper customer value evaluation is one of the foundations of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is a hot and challenge topic to design a good workable evaluation system. So far, most of the customer value evaluation is not quantitative, but qualitative based on manager experience and judgment. This paper designs a new value evaluation system based on TOPSIS, with the integrated weight by AHP subjective weighting and Entropy objective weighting. Customer value is measured and ranked by TOPSIS method, which presents the importance of the customer. This evaluation system is helpful for the supplier company to find out the proper key accounts and do good customer segmentation. In addition, an empirical case study is used to exemplify the approach, which shows this system is efficient and its procedure is workable.


B2B market, Customer value evaluation system; AHP; TOPSIS, Entropy

1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
3. B2B Customer Value Evaluation System (B2B CVES)
4. Case Study
5. Conclusions, Implications and Prospect

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