Analysis of Thermal Effect on Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Cable

Analysis of Thermal Effect on Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Cable

IfeOlorun Olofin* Ronggui Liu

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Solid Mechanics, Jiangsu University, No 301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang 212013, China

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6 June 2018
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27 June 2018
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Realizing that an important factor such as thermal load must be considered during analysis and design for a cable system, this paper presents the behavior of elastic cable based on differential thermal theorem namely catenary-based approach. To this end, the traditional known material – steel - and carbon fibre reinforced polymer were subjected to varying temperature values through simulation and the behaviour pattern were compared. Results obtained showed that the influence of temperature on steel cable is more evident with higher values than carbon fibre reinforced polymer. This makes carbon fibre reinforced polymer cable an ideal substitute when it comes to application in regions with high temperature.


cable system, carbon reinforced polymer cable, steel cable, thermal effect

1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
3. Numerical Examples
4. Results and Discussions
5. Conclusions

The authors acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation of China (Grant no: 51608234; 51478209) and Province Science of Jiangsu BK20160534.


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