Dynamic Change of Virtual Time When Modeling Vehicle Operating Cycles in the Program ‘Stamm’

Dynamic Change of Virtual Time When Modeling Vehicle Operating Cycles in the Program ‘Stamm’

A.V. Manyashin

Tyumen Industrial University, Russia

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The article explores the problem of modelling performance properties of cars in real driving conditions. At the same time, real or synthetic driving cycles are used to reproduce the road situation in the simulation model. The composition, the ratio of individual components and the nature of speed changes in such cycles significantly depends on both the traffic conditions on the route and the design features of the vehicles. The purpose of this work is to optimize simulation models of car operation by reducing the time of the experiment while maintaining the required accuracy of the model. This result is achieved using a dynamically changing model time. The paper considers the features of driving cycles of cars for various purposes. The program of simulation modelling Stamm 4.1 is presented, which implements the method of dynamic change of model time when simulating driving cycles of cars, which allows significantly reducing the duration of the experiment.


operating cycle of a vehicle, simulation modelling, urban traffic conditions


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