New Trends in Maritime Transportation and Port Activity

New Trends in Maritime Transportation and Port Activity

Vicent Esteban Chapapría

Ports and Coastal Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Available online: 
2 September 2017
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The role of ports has changed and has become more complex. Ports play a relevant role in global economy. They connect modes of transport and usually they are the leaders in the logistics chain. New works in Suez Canal were in progress until August 2015. The expansion of the Panama Canal will finish this year. These new operational conditions allow for an improvement of international maritime transportation. The Suez Canal Corridor Area Project is a mega project in Egypt that was officially launched in August 2014. The project’s aim is to increase the role of the Suez Canal region in international trading and to develop the three canal cities: Suez, Ismaïlia and Port Said. The importance of these actions changes in the new port cities and new trends and conditions in maritime transportation are discussed.


maritime transportation, Panama Canal expansion project, ports, port cities, Suez Canal


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