Validation of Numerical Simulations for a Residential Wood Log Stove

Validation of Numerical Simulations for a Residential Wood Log Stove

Kalla S. DeChamplain A. Paquet B. 

Combustion Laboratory, Université Laval, Quebec, QC G1V0A6, Canada

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This paper presents a three-dimensional model of a log burning wood stove. The model describes the complex physical and chemical phenomena in the wood stove, including turbulent flow, heat and mass transfer, and chemical reactions. Results fit satisfactorily experimental data regarding velocity pattern, temperature pattern and CO/CO2concentration ratio. Simulations highlighted several crucial points in the combustion process: (i) the composition of pyrolysis gases from the wood log significantly influences the combustion process; (ii) the design air delivery system is fundamental in the stove as the air velocity and the fuel/air ratio have a great influence on the combustion process and particles emissions; and (iii) the generated draft in the chimney significantly changes the air admission system and the flow patterns in the combustion zone. In this work, comparisons between 3 D results and experimental values measured in our laboratory showed quite reasonable agreement. All measurements were completed with combined O2, FID and FTIR analyzers.


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