Nature and Music: a General Method for Designing a Composition from an Image

Nature and Music: a General Method for Designing a Composition from an Image

G. Donati P.P. Strona

“Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi”, Torino, Italy.

Independent Researcher, Torino, Italy.

9 March 2011
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The aim of this paper is to provide a general method to enable a composer to base his musical works on images. A kind of connection is established between the world of sounds and pictures, taking into account mainly subjects taken from nature. First of all the main relationships between nature, photography and music are considered, focusing, in particular, on common geometrical aspects. Then the proposed method is explained in detail, high-lighting the general validity of the approach and how it is consistent with the main aspects of the musical discourse. The composer’s freedom and creativity are also considered. Finally, the method is illustrated by examples of musical compositions based on a landscape photograph taken in the ‘Gran Paradiso National Park’, in the Italian Alps.


chords, composition, geometry, Goldberg variations analysis, images structures, Joplin ragtimes, landscapes, musical lines, musical signals, musical structures


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