The University as an Open Data Ecosystem

The University as an Open Data Ecosystem

Jose Jacobo Zubcoff Llorenç Vaquer Jose-Norberto Mazón Francisco Maciá Irene Garrigós Andrés Fuster Jose Vicente Carcel 

University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain

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Lately, the University of Alicante (Spain) started the OpenData4U project in order to create a methodology to easily develop open data portals for universities. Within this project, the open data portal of the University of Alicante was launched (, which allowed us to develop a set of best practices in the implantation of an open data ecosystem for universities to foster reusing of Public Sector Information. The main aim of this paper is to describe our experience at the opening data process at the University of Alicante, as well as enumerating novel opportunities for social and economic impact in which a university could be a driving force.


IT ecosystem, open data, open government.



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