Estimation of Destruction of Missile with Cumulative Head During Contact with Chosen Type of Rod Armour

Estimation of Destruction of Missile with Cumulative Head During Contact with Chosen Type of Rod Armour

K. Sybilski | R. Panowicz | T. Niezgoda W. Barnat

Ports and Coastal Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

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Military operations performed by UN and NATO forces within the framework of stabilization missions revealed the weak points of the equipment utilized by these organizations. It turned out that one of the most dangerous threats is posed by partisan missiles equipped with cumulative heads. These missiles are mostly based on a Soviet solution and allow the penetration up to 300 mm of reinforced steel. This fact results in a serious problem which concerns the relevant protection against such a type of weapon. One of protection methods against cumulative missiles is the application of rod armours. The present paper concentrates on the analysis of the impact of a missile with a cumulative head (type PG-G7) into armour made of rods with a circular cross-section. Four options of rods arrangements were considered. A short characteristic of an analysed object was presented. A principle of operations of a missile with the specification of its sensitive elements was described from the perspective of originating of a cumulative stream. The stages of constructing a numerical model as well as the applied simplifications of geometry and initial boundary conditions were presented. On the basis of the obtained results, a degree of destruction of key elements of the missile was estimated. The figures revealing deformation of the missile and the maps of stresses in these elements were presented. In the summary section, an influence of a degree of the impact of a missile type PG-G7 into an armour made of rods with circular cross-section on weakening of operation effectiveness of such type of ammunition was determined. The calculations were realized in LS-Dyna system which is purposed, among others, for fast changing analyses with the use of a finite element method. To solve an equation of motion, an explicit integration method included in this system was applied.


finite element method, mechanics, rods armour, RPG


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