hybrid-excited flux-switching machine for fault short-circuit current limitation in embedded DC alternator applications

hybrid-excited flux-switching machine for fault short-circuit current limitation in embedded DC alternator applications

Andre Nasr Sami Hlioui Mohamed Gabsi

SATIE, ENS Paris-Saclay, université Paris-Sud, CNRS, université Paris-Saclay 61 avenue du Président Wilson, 94325 Cachan, France

SATIE, CNAM, ENS Paris-Saclay, CNRS 292 rue St Martin, 75141 Paris, France

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This paper presents a new design of a Hybrid-Excited Flux Switching Machine (HEFSM) proposed for DC power generation in embedded applications. Unlike classical hybrid-excited machines, the HEFSM has a low remanent flux-linkage making its characteristics similar to those of a wound field-machine. We will discuss in the first section the advantages of such characteristics in critical applications. Later on, we will present the design of the HEFSM and we will determine its electromagnetic performances using a finite element method before carrying out a study on its short-circuit current limitation capability in faulty conditions. It has been shown that the HEFSM can be easily demagnetized by simply cutting off the excitation current. This makes it suitable for critical applications like aircraft power generation.


dc alternator, embedded applications, flux-switching machines, hybrid-excited machines, starter-generator.

1. Introduction
2. The HEFSM : a hybrid-excited machine with low remanent flux
3. Electromagnetic performances of the HEFSM
4. Short-circuit current limitation : Impact of the geometric and magnetic parameters of the HEFSM on its performances
5. Conclusion

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