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This special issue of the European Journal of Electrical Engineering (EJEE) includes eight selected papers from the second edition of the International Conference on Electrical Science and Technologies in the Maghreb (CISTEM). These papers were presented in Marrakech (Morocco) between 26th and 28th October 2016.

With CISTEM, academics in the Maghreb hold a structuring and federative action offering a privileged place for scientific exchange in the field of electronic and electrical engineering. CISTEM tends to strengthen those ties inside the Maghreb and between academics from North Africa and the international community. It is in this perspective that the CISTEM conference has been established. Main scopes of the conference span all facets of electronic and electrical engineering: signal processing, power electronics, networks, electronic and electrical components, Embedded and renewable energy systems and materials for energy ….

The eight selected contributions include four papers on electrical machines: design, optimization and control for marine current or transportation applications. The first one deal with active control of torque ripple in a faulty surface PMSG, particularly the case of stator inter-turn short-circuit. The second and third papers are focused on design optimization and control of specific energy conversion chains based respectively on a Double Salient Permanent Generator or on a Double Stator Permanent Magnet Generator for tidal energy applications. The fourth paper concerns a hybrid-excited flux-switching machine for embedded DC alternator application. The fifth and sixth papers are focusing on the integration of wind energy on the network. The first concerns non-linear control of wind turbine based on a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator and the second deals with the impact of the wind turbines generators on damping lower frequency inter-area oscillations. Finally the last two papers deal respectively with material and power electronics. The first one concerns conducted EMI different levels of MOSFET models in a multiphysics optimization context and the last one deals with experimental evaluation of the punching impact on the dynamic magnetic performances of a specific steel.

Besides the involvement Of University Cadi Ayyad Morroco, in the organization of CISTEM 2016, this conference has received support of University Agency of “Francophonie”, IEEE Morocco section, OCP, ENI Carthage, ENIT Tunis, ENP Alger and ENS Cachan

Finally, I would like to thank the members of the standing committee, the steering committee and the local organizing committee of CISTEM’16 and the reveiwers for contributing to the success of this special issue.