Power Smoothing of a direct wave energy converter: Management and sizing of a supercapacitor energy storage system under a flicker constraint

Power Smoothing of a direct wave energy converter: Management and sizing of a supercapacitor energy storage system under a flicker constraint

M. Thibaut Kovaltchouk Judicaël Aubry Kévin Audoux Hamid Ben Ahmed Bernard Multon Simon Rouland

GE2-lab, Bât. GreEn-ER, 21 av. des martyrs, 38031 Grenoble, France

SATIE CNRS UMR8029, ENS Rennes, UEB, av. Robert Schuman, 35170 Bruz

Mechatronics team ESTACA, CERIE, Laval, France

Mechatronics Department ENS Rennes, UEB, Bruz, France

Corresponding Author Email: 
31 August 2016
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This article examines the problem of sizing and managing an Energy Storage Sys- tem (ESS) composed of supercapacitors for a Direct Wave Energy Converter (DWEC), with the SEAREV project taken as an example. The main objective is to enable grid integration by satisfying the flicker constraint. An original sequantialization is proposed in order to simplify this co-optimization resolution. Then, a rule-based energy management is introduced that depends on both the Energy Storage System and the power produced by the Wave Energy Converter. This management has been optimized for each size in order to reduce electrical losses, while strictly satisfying the flicker criteria. The final design should minimize total system cost, by taking into account both the investment cost (supercapacitors) and the operating cost (losses).


electrical energy storage system, power smoothing, direct wave energy converter, supercapacitors, energy quality, flicker, grid integration.

1. Introduction
2. Modelling and hypotheses
3. Energy Management
4. Sequential procedure of management and sizing co-optimization
5. Conclusion

This work has been supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR) within the scope of the project QUALIPHE (power quality and grid integration of Direct Wave Energy Converters), which is part of the PROGELEC program.


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