Current Issue

Vol 78, No 3, September 2017

Stability Evaluation of Highwall Slope in an Opencast Coal Mine-A Case Study


Satyanarayana, G. Budi, Phalguni Sen, A.K. Sinha

Improvement of Power Quality in Underground Coal Mines Using Controllers


Sukanth, Singam Jayanthu, A.Jayalakshmi

Analysis of Factors, Which Influence the Cycle Time of Dumpers of Open Cast Coal Mines to Improve Production


S. Dey, S. K. Mandal, C. Bhar

Design of Support System and Stability Evaluation for Underground Workings of Gare Palma Coal Mine – A Case Study


Avinash Paul, Niraj Kumar, Ajoy Kumar Singh

A Study on Influence of Density and Viscosity of Emulsion Explosive on Its Detonation Velocity


Hemant Agrawal, Arvind Kumar Mishra

Performance, Emission and Combustion Analysis of Biodiesel Extracted from Acidic oil: A By-product of Soybean Oil Refining Process


Abhijeet P. Shah, Sharad D. Patil

Support Design during Depillaring Operation in Bord and Pillar Panel Using Numerical Simulation Method


Rizwan Hasim, Ashok Jaiswal, B.K Shrivastva

Techno-economic Analysis for Development of a Drive in View of Geo-Mining Conditions – A Case Study


K.K. Rao, B.S. Choudhary, Ajay Ghade, A. Amjath Ali

Applicability of Size-strength Rippability Classification System for Laterite Excavation in Iron Ore Mines of Goa


Akhil Avchar, B.S. Choudhary, Gnananandh Budi, Ulhas G. Sawaiker

Modelling of Dragline Bucket for Determination of Stress


Shah Fateh Azam, Piyush Rai