Influence des propriétés thermiques des pré-impregnés composites thermoplastiques pour l’enroulement filamentaire laser

Influence des propriétés thermiques des pré-impregnés composites thermoplastiques pour l’enroulement filamentaire laser

Benoît Courtemanche Kévin Fouyer Anaïs Barasinski 

CETIM, Technocampus Composite Allée du Chaffault, 44340 Bouguenais, France

GeM UMR CNRS, Centrale Nantes 1 rue de la Noe, 44300 Nantes

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The laser filament winding of preimpregnated thermoplastic tapes requires a multiphysical analysis, leading to the control of transformation parameters. Such an analysis is generally carried out by considering the raw material, the tape, as a "standard material". Consequently, conclusions can be biased due to the material variability, which presents at least a natural variability, at worst local or repeated defects. Therefore, in the present work, the subject under study is the thermal behavior of the tape, independently of the manufacturing conditions. The detected thermal irregularities are then put into perspective with the irregularities of the material, such as thickness variations or porosities.


thermal properties, thermoplastic composite, laser winding, tape placement, online monitoring, infrared thermography, thickness, porosity

Extended abstract
1. Introduction
2. Enjeux dans l’optimisation du procédé
3. Preuve de l’influence du tape
4. Analyse de la variabilité
5. Conclusion
6. Perspectives

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