Advanced women security app: We’RSafe

Advanced women security app: We’RSafe

Tanusri Dey Upama Bhattacharjee  Sanjana Mukherjee  Tripti Paul  Rachita Ghoshhajra 

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MCKV Institute of Engineering, Liluah, Howrah 711204, India

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The phrase “Violence against women” is a technical term used to collectively refer to acts that are primarily or exclusively committed against women to harm them. Woman security is a critical issue and it is much needed for every individual to act over such issue to safeguard them. When safety and security is concerned, a smart phone can become a powerful tool to prevent violence against women. Keeping this in mind, an android app has been developed which is dedicated to provide relief to the person in trouble. By clicking on a button (provided on the app) alert message is sent to the user’s already saved contacts. The application shares the user’s location with the registered contacts in the form of message. The application has other key features like “Alarming neighbors by loud noise”, “Autodialing”, “Finding location of nearby police station and hospitals” etc. The work is developed in Java Development Kit using Android Studio. Thus, the app acts like a sentinel following behind the person till the user feels she is safe.


Android App, Alert Message, Harassment, Smartphone, Women Security

1. Introduction
2. Android OS: Ideal Platform for Mobile App Development
3. Features of ‘We’RSafe’ App
4. Experimental Setup
5. Workflow Diagram
6. Result and Discussions
7. Conclusions

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