Study of the Time-collocation of Signal Lamp at Intersection

Study of the Time-collocation of Signal Lamp at Intersection

Yu Li
Dongdong Wei
Zhu Mu
Zhihao Xiong
Yinghua Wang
Weishi Yin*

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun 130022, China.

Corresponding Author Email:
31 January 2015
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The paper deliberates the affection of roundabout and crossroads for the urban traffic .Firstly, the Webster method is quoted to calculate the cycle of signal lamp, and then the time-collocation of signal lamp which is got investigated and surveyed-data are used at the VISSIM to simulate the traffic condition, finally, it is concluded that the traffic volume of crossroads is slight better than the roundabout.


Traffic management, Traffic signal control, VISSIM micro simulation, Signal lamp interval time.

1. Introduction
2. Traffic Theory
3. Example
4. Conclusion

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