Study on Factors of Inject Large Volume Liquid into Trunk

Study on Factors of Inject Large Volume Liquid into Trunk

Sucheng Shang Hao Zhou Xue Chang Mingxing Liu Na Li Qingqing Shang

College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China.

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31 December 2014
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The influencing factors of large volume liquid injection with tree trunk injector are described in this paper. Comparing with the analysis and verification of the existing methods of large volume liquid fertilization such as spraying and transfusion technology, this paper puts forward the necessity and preponderance of large volume liquid injection with tree trunk injector. Through the effect analysis of tree trunk injection, seven influencing factors are proposed, including the requirements of time, injector, injector needle head, sealing, operation, prevention and cure target, and injecting chemicals. Meanwhile, the detailed solution is also discussed. Finally, the results of the contrast tests validate that the large volume liquid injection with tree trunk injector can reduce the air pollution, prevent the diseases and insect pests rapidly, and satisfy the microelement fertilizer application. This technology will have tremendous social benefits and economical profits in practice.


tree trunk injection, large volume liquid, pesticide, microelement fertilizer

1. Introduction
2. Avantages and Disadvantages of Existing Method of Large Volume Liquid Fertilization
3. Mechanism of Large Volume Fertilization
4. Seven Influencing Factors of Large Volume Tree Trunk Injection
5. Experiments and Application
6. Conclusions

Supported by research fund of the national natural science foundation of China (51208263), hereby thanks.


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