Development Research of Digital Manufacturing Resource Modeling Technology Based on Patent Information Analysis

Development Research of Digital Manufacturing Resource Modeling Technology Based on Patent Information Analysis

Yuan qingni Yuan qingyun Sun junfeng 

Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing technology (Guizhou University), Ministry of Education, Guiyang 550003, China

Guiyang Dongsheng Patent and Trademark Affairs co., LTD, Guiyang 550002, China

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30 September 2014
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Based on the analysis of digital manufacturing resource modeling technology research status at home and abroad, it compares and analysis the related patent for digital manufacturing resource modeling technology by patent data at home and abroad. our country constantly improve patent applications of the digital manufacturing resource modeling technology, which mainly concentrates in the electronic data processing and control, and is  the main body of patent applications in higher learning institutions. The results can provide the data support for the patent strategy of enterprise and research institutes, which study and development information system.


Digital Manufacturing Resources, Modeling Technology Patent Analysis Patent Search

1. Introduction
2. Research Status of Manufacturing Resource Modeling at Home and Abroad
3. Patent Analysis of the Modeling Technology of Digital Manufacturing Resource
4. Conclusions

State Intellectual Property Office in China about the propulsion engineering of patent strategy” Patent strategy research of digital manufacturing resource sharing” (ps2012-022); Guizhou Province Science and Technology Fund Project for " Manufacturing -oriented research and application of service model " (Guizhou Branch Total J [2012] No. 2130); Introduce talent project of Guizhou University” Matching technology research based on manufacturing resource sharing services” (Guizhou University Talent Total(2012) No.024)


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