Study on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in the Filler-Reinforced Bardenpho Process

Study on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in the Filler-Reinforced Bardenpho Process

Lin Zhang Huidong Li, Zhihui Song Junliang Liu Yinlai Bi 

Department of Municipal Engineering , College of Civil Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology of Zhang Lin and Li Huidong No.49, Ai Min Street, Hohhot City, China

Department of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, Urban and Rural Construction Institute, The Agriculture University of Heibei of Song Zhihui and Liu Junliang No.289, LingYusi Street, Baoding City, China

Department of civil engineering, Urban and Rural Construction Institute, North China Electric Power University of Bi Yinlai Yonghua Street, Baoding City, China

15 March 2017
15 April 2017
31 March 2017
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The volumetric flow rate of the second-phase project of the sewage treatment plant in a certain northern city is designed to be 8×104m3/d with the value of average influent BOD5 being 110mg/L and that of average influent TN being 45mg/L, which indicates that the carbon source is far from insufficient. Bardenpho is adopted as the major process of the sewage treatment plant, and efficient suspension filler is added to the first aerobic pool. The Bardenpho process with synchronous nitrogen and phosphorus removal function is characterized by long denitrification sludge age and full use of the carbon source in the zooglea microorganism. The addition of efficient suspension filler into the aerobic pool can increase the amount of micro-organisms and strengthen the nitrification. The combination of the two can ensure a good effect of nitrogen and phosphorus removal without additional carbon source when the carbon source from the influent is insufficient.


Bardenpho, internal carbon source, suspension filler for nitrogen and phosphorus removal

1. Introduction
2. The Operation Situation and the Methods of Water Quality Testing
3. The Water Quality Analysis of the Whole Bardenpho Process
4. Study on the Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in Different Working Sections of the Biochemical Pool
5. Conclusion and Suggestions

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