Study on Microstructure and Properties of Al2O3/(W,Ti)C Self-Lubricating Tool Material with the Addition of Al(OH)3 Coated

Study on Microstructure and Properties of Al2O3/(W,Ti)C Self-Lubricating Tool Material with the Addition of Al(OH)3 Coated

C.C. Sheng  M.D. Yi  G.C. Xiao  M. Li  C.H. Xu

School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Qilu University of Technology, Jinan 250353, China

School of Mechanical Engineering, Shandong University, Jinan 250061, China

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2 January 2017
15 July 2017
31 December 2017
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Al(OH)3 coated CaF2 powders were prepared by liquid phase coating method with heterogeneous nucleation principle. Al2O3/(W,Ti)C self-lubricating tool material was prepared with the addition of the Al(OH)3 coated CaF2 powders. The mechanical properties of self-lubricating tool materials with different contents of the coated powders were investigated. The results indicate that the best mechanical properties of the tool material were obtained when the volume content of Al(OH)3 coated CaF2 was 10%. Compared to its counterpart tool material with uncoated powders, hardness, fracture toughness and flexural strength were increased by 21.7%, 8% and 10.7% respectively. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to observe and analyze the microstructure of tool materials. The result shows that mixed intergranular fracture and transgranular fracture is fracture modes of the tool materials. The cutting tests were carried out using the prepared ceramic cutting tools, which show good wear resistance and antifriction property.


Heterogeneous nucleation, Self-lubricating tool, Microstructure, Mechanical properties, Cutting performance.

1. Introduction
2. Experimental Procedure
3. Results and Discussion
4. Conclusions

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