Study of a Novel Cathode Material for Magnesium Secondary Battery

Study of a Novel Cathode Material for Magnesium Secondary Battery

Jian-zhi SUN 

Key Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry and Functional Materials in Universiities of Shandong (Dezhou University), Shandong Dezhou 253023, P. R. China

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23 June 2013
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3 August 2013
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Orthosilicate MgNiSiO4 materials were prepared by sol-gel approach and a molten salt method. The preparation process had a profound effect on the morphology of the materials. As a new cathode for magnesium secondary battery, the material shows a reversible Mg2+ intercalation-deintercalation process. Preliminary electrochemical data indicated that the MgNiSiO4 prepared by a molten salt method had a higher peak current, a larger discharge capacity and a better cyclability compared with the MgNiSiO4 prepared by sol-gel approach. The results show that MgNiSiO4 could be a potential cathode material for high-energy magnesium secondary battery.


Magnesium secondary battery; Orthosilicate; Synthetic methods; Electrochemical performance

1. Introduction
2. Experimental
3. Results and Discussion
4. Conclusion
5. Acknowledgements

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