Growth and Characterization of Electroplated Copper Selenide Thin Films

Growth and Characterization of Electroplated Copper Selenide Thin Films

K. Ramesh B. Bharathi S. ThanikaikarasanT. Mahalingam P.J. Sebastian 

Centre for Scientific and Applied Research, School of Basic Engineering and Sciences, PSN College of Engineering and Technology, Tirunelveli – 627 152, Tamil Nadu, India

Department of Physics, School of Science and Humanities, Karunya University, Coimbatore – 641 114, Tamil Nadu, India

Instituto de Energias Renovables-UNAM, 62580, Temixco, Morelos, Mexico

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31 August 2012
14 February 2013
15 April 2013
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Copper Selenide thin films have been prepared on indium doped tin oxide coated conducting glass substrates from an aqueous electrolytic bath consists of CuSO4 and SeO2 using potentiostatic electrodeposition technique. Deposition mechanism has been analyzed using cyclic voltammetry. X-ray diffraction pattern showed that the prepared films possess polycrystalline nature with hexagonal structure. Film composition and surface morphology showed that films with smooth surface and better stoichiometry are obtained under optimized condition. Band gap value of the deposited films is determined using optical absorption measurements. Variation of film thickness with time and its dependency on structural, morphological, compositional and optical properties are investigated.


metal chalcogenides; electrodeposition; strain; dislocation density

1. Introduction
2. Experimental
3. Results and Discussion
4. Conclusions
5. Acknowledgements

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