An architectural roadmap towards building an alarm diffusion system

An architectural roadmap towards building an alarm diffusion system

Sumit Kalra Prabhakar T.V. Saurabh Srivastava

Computer Science Department, IIT Kanpur Kanpur, 208016, India

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Alarm Diffusion Systems (ADS) have complex, exacting and critical requirements. In this work we aim to provide a software architecture perspective towards ADS. We look at both functional and quality requirements for an ADS and also attempt to identify certain quality attributes specific to an ADS and attempted to provide a set of architectural tactics to realise them. We also propose a Reference Architecture for designing such systems. We have provided ample examples to support our inferences and take a deeper look at a case study of the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) in aircrafts.


architecture, alarms diffusion system

1. Introduction
2. Analyse des besoins pour un SDA
3. Architecture de référence pour les SDA
4. Étude de cas : les questions liées au fonctionnement du TCAS
5. Conclusion et perspectives

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