Development of an aggregate and floc characterization system

Development of an aggregate and floc characterization system

Bernard Mercier Valentin Wendling Catherine Coulaud Cédric Legout Nicolas Gratiot 

Université Grenoble Alpes/CNRS/IRD, LTHE - UMR 5564, 38041 Grenoble, France

31 December 2016
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We know little regarding the processes that govern the evolution of suspended particle characteristics during their transport through a river basin. Up to now, no measurement method allows measuring continuously the suspended sediment properties in highly concentrated fluid flows, such as those observed in headwater catchments during runoff events or near bed in muddy estuaries. The Aggregate and Floc Characterization System (SCAF) has been developed in order to measure suspended sediment properties for a wide range of concentrations. It has been designed to be easily incorporated into automatic water samplers.


suspended solids, flocculation, settling velocity, absorbance, integrated device, infrared light emitting diode, phototransistor, microcontroller.

1. Introduction
2. Principaux éléments du cahier des charges
3. Description du système de mesure
4. Traitement des données
5. Conclusion et perspectives

Ce dispositif a bénéficié de financements de l’INSU (EC2CO BIOHEFECT), de l’ANR dans le cadre d’un projet Jeunes Chercheurs (ANR-12-JS06-0006) et du soutien d’EDF.


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