Study of Relaxation and Dielectric Response of Polyimide Films

Study of Relaxation and Dielectric Response of Polyimide Films

Fadila Benabed Taher Seghier Saliha Boudraâ Abdellatif Seghiour Mohamed Benabdallah Taouti Salem Fouad Chabira

Laboratoire d’étude et de développement des matériaux semi-conducteurs et diélectriques (LED MASD) Université Amar Telidji, Laghouat, Algérie

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8 July 2015
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22 January 2016
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In recent years, polyimides are more and more used as high performance polymers because of their excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. In this work, dielectric properties and relaxation behavior of some Polyimide films were studied on the basis of dielectric constant, dielectric loss and AC conductivity taking into account their variation with frequency and temperature. According to the results, three types of relaxations α, β and γ at decreasing temperature were detected, the origin of these relaxations and the influence of the chemical structure on changes in dielectric and electrical properties were discussed.


dielectric relaxation, polyimide, dielectric spectroscopy.

1. Introduction
2. Experimental Method
3. Results and Discussions
4. Conclusion

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