Registration of the Roads with the Use of a Satellite Image and a Road Map: Application to Road Map Update

Registration of the Roads with the Use of a Satellite Image and a Road Map: Application to Road Map Update

Z. Nougrara

University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Mohamed Boudiaf, USTO-MB, BP 1505, El M’naouer, 31000 Oran, Algeria

26 October 2017
15 November 2017
31 December 2017
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Among different satellite images analysis tasks, roads registration plays an extremely important role as it is often the essential step for various applications such as improving the approach of the road network extraction, update map and producing a new map. In this paper, we present an iterative algorithm for linear registration of roads with the use of satellite images of Algeria and a road map. The proposed approach incorporates a priori information given by the road network of the road map extracted from the corresponding satellite image. The proposed algorithm was tested on the satellite images; the experimental results show that this algorithm achieved good results.


Registration, road network, node, satellite image, road map

1. Introduction
2. Literature Overview
3. Proposed Methodology
4. Experimental Results and Discussion
5. Conclusion

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