High temperature oxidation process affected by shot-peening: Application to pure Zr and Ti

High temperature oxidation process affected by shot-peening: Application to pure Zr and Ti

Virgil Optasanu Armand Kanjer Tony Montesin 

ICB UMR 6303 CNRS - Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, 9 Av Alain Savary, BP. 47870, Dijon Cedex, 21078, France

1 October 2015
7 January 2016
11 May 2016
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An evaluation of the shot-peening effects on the oxidation rate of Zr and Ti between 350°C and 650°C for 100h is presented. It is shown that the oxidation rate can substantially be decreased by shot-peening at high temperatures (T>500°C) while at lower temperatures the effect is opposite. An investigation of the various factors that can play a role on the oxidation behaviour was realized in order to separate their influence. It was shown that the pollution of the surface that can eventually occur during the shot-peening process is not responsible for the oxidation rate decrease. It was proposed that, at temperatures giving mainly a bulk diffusion of the O2- ions within the metal volume, the slowing of the oxidation rate could be explained by the mechanical stress.

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