Spatio-temporal metadata filtering and synchronising in video-surveillance

Spatio-temporal metadata filtering and synchronising in video-surveillance

Dana Codreanu | Vincent Oria André Peninou Florence Sèdes

IRIT, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, USA

Corresponding Author Email: 
{dana.codreanu, andre.peninou, florence.sedes},
30 June 2016
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This paper presents an ongoing work that aims at assisting video-protection agents in the search for particular video scenes of interest in transit network. The video-protection agent inputs a query in the form of date, time, location and a visual description of the scene. The query processing starts by selecting a set of cameras likely to have filmed the scene followed by an analysis of the video content obtained from these cameras. The main contribution of this paper is the innovative framework that is composed of: 1) a spatiotemporal filtering method based on a spatio-temporal modelling of the transit network and associated cameras, and 2) a content-based retrieval based method on visual features. The presented filtering framework is to be tested on real data acquired within a French National project in partnership with the French Interior Ministry and the French National Police. The project aims at setting up public demonstrators that will be used by researchers and commercials from the video-protection community.


video-protection framework, querying, spatio-temporal filtering

1. Introduction
2. Related works
3. Data model
4. The proposed video surveillance framework
5. A posteriori validation and use-case
6. Evaluation and future trends in spatio-temporal modelling
7. Conclusions

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